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10 Apr 2019

Published: 12 Dec 2018
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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, 9FilmFest will cancel the May 27 - 28 dates and will move to September 2-3, 2020. Bangkok has closed malls, theatres, restaurants, schools and there is no update to when services will resume again. But the past two days has seen a drop in the number of Covid-19 infections, so we are hoping for control of the pandemic. We appreciate your understanding and offer our support during these difficult times of quarantine.

Welcome to the 8th Bangkok 9FilmFest, an annual international short film festival held in the greatest city in South East Asia. The 8th 9Fest will be held at Cinema Oasis, Bangkok’s newest indie film centre. Located on Bangkok’s pristine Sukhumvit road, not far from the famous Emquartier Mall. 9Fest was founded by filmmakers, for filmmakers and audience. We are excited to announce 9FilmFest dates of September 2-3, 2020.

Tell us your story! We accept short films of all genres.

What is more rewarding than having your film accepted into Competition? As Filmmakers, we take great pride in announcing our film is in the competition! “9” is the luckiest number in Thailand. Thus, 9 films are selected as Competition Finalists. Film Science, needs festivals to screen and create memorable and inspiring experiences for filmmakers and the audience. When we capture the audience we are successful!

Last year, the 9Fest Finalist Program screened at the magnificent Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.

Last year, at the 2019 Indy Shorts Festival, the THE TRANSLATOR’s director, Pagorn Jungrungruang flew more than 11,000 miles to Indianapolis from Thailand to present his film at the 9Fest Program screening.

Here’s what they said at Roger Ebert’s website:

by Matt Fagerholm www.rogerebert.com

9Fest, the short film festival run in Bangkok by Brian Bennett, was the focus of a special section at Indy Shorts, compiling several works from directors around the globe, and like all the festival curation I observed here, it was anything but redundant. Bake Phouikham’s “Fallen Star, Rising Sun,” offers a candid sit-down with Ko Chandetka, the first Lao-American bodybuilder, whose struggles with addiction nearly derailed his life. He told me afterward that he believes there’s no healthy way to participate in any sport on a world-class level, and that one must always weigh the risks with the rewards.

The creative world is at your fingertips. 9FilmFest’s goal is to support filmmakers, applaud their hard work, spark creativity and provide opportunities for discovery. We’re here to make filmmakers dreams come true.

9Fest looks forward to seeing your amazing stories. We ensure your consideration in submitting and trusting us with your film.

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Photo of 9filmfest
Photo of 9filmfest
Photo of 9filmfest
Photo of 9filmfest

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