The only platform created specifically for online film festivals

Create the online version of your festival easily

The only VOD platform created exclusively for online film festivals. Versatile and highly configurable to adapt to the requirements of all festivals.

From the cheapest options to the highest security standards including encryption and DRM protection.

Deep integration options and customisation, from running on your own website to retain your brand and traffic, to different setups and color schemes.

Dedicated App for Festhome TV events and films


How does it work?

 Manage easily
 Website integration
 Waivers, Code, Promotions
 Ticket integration
 Voting system
 Hollywood-Grade DRM Protection
 Create multiple accounts
 Advertising and sponsorships
 Advertising videos
 Time-limited sessions
 Pay for what you use
 Live sessions
 Payment gateways
 Excellent support
 Optional box-office sharing
 Limited number of plays
 No registration required
 Film markets
 Calendar & Festival programme
 Videotheques with user access management
 Online private libraries

FesthomeTV is a self-management platform (we prepare it and then you manage the system with web tools). You create the sessions you want, on the dates you want and add the movies you want to those sessions. Users have the possibility to buy these sessions or a pass to see the entire festival, or you could also offer the festival completely free.

You will have an administration page with statistics of use, management of films, box office, ticket sales, creation of discounts or promotional codes, accounts for collaborators, etc. You can also geo-lock so that movies can only be viewed from one or several countries in particular or add high levels of security with DRM.

Create a public festival free for everyone in your area, or sell tickets for the festival or per session which may have different dates, or a private video library to hold your past editions with access control to your staff or association members, or a market library for visitors of your festival which they may continue viewing back at home. We create the tools and you choose how to use them.


Setup and preparation costs

Streaming costs per viewers

Configuration, services and support


 All features
 Administration tools
 Configuration and help
 Support for your viewers
 Payment and service management
 Telephone, chat and email

Conversion, hosting and file management

18€ HDReady
28€ FullHD
30€ Adv. DRM

Cost per 100 minutes
 Conversion of files
 Mobile, SD, HD and FullHD streaming
 Includes our DRM with encryption and keys
 Advanced DRM options for films that require highest protection
 Free hosting with Vimeo or Youtube

Viewers pay to watch films or sessions

From 5%

 No streaming costs
 Film ticket
 Session ticket
 Festival pass
 Waivers, codes, press accounts...
 Sharing system available

Viewers watch for free

  0,13€ HDReady
  0,30€ FullHD
+0,06€ Adv. DRM

Cost per 100 minutes
 Pay for what you use
 Live cost statistics
 The cheapest protected streaming
 Limit costs by time or tickets
 Change configuration at any moment
 Free streaming with Vimeo or Youtube

In order to prepare a budget, you need to consider several things and how you want to the festival files to be handled

Conversion & Storage:

The cheapest option would be using Vimeo PRO / Business if you already have such an account, since you could then upload those films to that account (or even Youtube) and link them in your online festival. We don’t charge for this, but some filmmakers may not accept to use this method because downloading films from these services is easy for people with some tech expertise.

A more secure option is storing the video files in our servers, since films are always protected in Festhome with data encryption key systems. You would have the option to choose between HDReady or Full HD, which doubles the cost.

The most secure option of all would imply adding full Hollywood-grade DRM protection (like Amazon or Netflix), which would mean increasing the cost and using Full HD.


Tickets to the online festival are usually paid by viewers, although it is possible to make the festival free of charge.

If tickets are not free, then we usually make a breakdown in which 75% of the box-office goes to the festival and 25% to Festhome after subtracting payment gateways fees. We would be in charge of technical costs pertaining to servers and streaming, technical support for viewers, etc.

Customarily, we set a ticket price of 1,5 to 3€ for each ~60-minute session. The festival pass is calculated based on the total minutes, although you may choose to not sell festival passes.


If your choice would be to make the festival entirely free of charge for viewers, we would charge you for the streaming cost of users watching the films. That cost would be between 2 and 6 cents for every 10 minutes, based on the configuration from above.

To give you a budget, we need to know which configuration you want to use and the approximate number of minutes of the films that you want to put online, so that we may calculate the costs.

Contac Us

Real examples

Short film festival
One week with 1 session of 2 hours every day without tickets

 Used Vimeo PRO for hosting
 Geoblocked to one country
 6 Live streaming of events
 46 Short films
 700 simultaneous viewers
 5.000 unique visits & 20.000 page visits
Short film festival
Ran for 8 days in August 2020 with free tickets

 Geoblocked to one country
 4 Feature films
 41 Short films
 1655 minutes in HDReady & DRM
 14.000 views & 4.000 playback hours
 25.000 unique visits & 90.000 page visits
Feature film festival
Ran for 2 weeks in July 2020 with free tickets

 Geoblocked to one country
 25 Feature films
 32 Short films
 2800 minutes in HDReady & DRM
 15.000 views & 6.500 playback hours
 40.000 unique visits & 180.000 page visits
Short film festival
One month with paid tickets

 Geoblocked to one country
 200 Short films
 Full HD & DRM
 2€ Session ticket & Festival Pass

DRM Protection

DRM Protection for all uploaded films:

When using our servers, all content is encrypted and requires a de-encryption key to play the video files.

In order to play, the video player will ask our vault server for permission to play, and after checking if the viewer has legitimate permission, it will give the key to the player and allow playback.

This protection is safe enough for most content, but for hot releases and content that requires the highest protection, we also offer advanced DRM solutions.

Studio / Hollywood-grade DRM Protection:

These are the same DRM systems required by major studios of Hollywood for their films and are used by public platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or iTunes.

Hollywood-grade DRM Protection ensures that even if your video files are given away, they will not be able to be played without authorisation. A single expiring key is created for each authorised view that allows the content to be played.

Uses Widevine, PlayReady & Fairplay to create an encrypted copy of your film. It is also possible to activate further protection, such as software screen capture protection via HDCP.

If your content requires high levels of protection to stream online, this is the way to do it.


Widevine enables secure premium content protection utilizing free-to-use, standards-based solutions for OTT and CAS services. Widevine is trusted by:

Netflix, HBO, Disney, WarnerBrothers, Amazon, Showtime, Hulu, Jio, DirectV, Starz, Sling, facebook. Android, Samsung, Chrome, Intel, Sony, Firefox, LG, Qualcomm, Google, Vizio, Roku, Playstation.


Microsoft PlayReady Content Protection Technology. The development of Microsoft PlayReady content access protection technology is the culmination of 10 years of innovation and more than $1B invested as a result of years of collaboration with the Studios, Entertainment industry, Broadcasters, Service Providers, and Mobile and CE industries. PlayReady is the premiere comprehensive content delivery and management solution for entertainment products and services.


Secure the delivery of streaming media to devices through the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol. Using FairPlay Streaming (FPS) technology, content providers, encoding vendors, and delivery networks can encrypt content, securely exchange keys, and protect playback on iOS, tvOS, and macOS.

The most secure platform for your festival

MPA (MPAA) Compliance:

While the MPAA does not offer certifications (be wary of those who say they are), it does offer security best practices for handling, hosting and supplying securely multimedia content. These best practices not only refer to the content itself, but the way the services are built and the handling of security throughout the whole process, from registration, to cookies or authentication, among many others. When using our servers and advanced DRM protection, we follow these MPAA Content Best Practices for content security where relevant, and even when not using our servers, most of these best practices are upheld for our services.

Our use of Amazon Web Services ensures high reliability, the use of industry standards and secure protocols from one of the most trusted Cloud services in the world. Not only are our services compliant, but our providers and partners follow these practices and guidelines.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Studio-approved and tested DRM systems provided by the best in the industry and one of the pioneers of DRM solutions and software solutions for content protection, active for over 30 years with offices all over the world.


If your content requires traceability, we can enable per viewer and session watermarking with several solutions, that allows tracing any view to a specific user.

Proxy detection

Want to prevent users with a proxy, TOR network browsers or VPN access from accessing the content? Our proxy detection systems allow you to block the content even more than geo-blocking.

HDCP Protection

Enable up to HDCP 2.2 protection to prevent screen recording of the films. By using HDCP protection, your films can be only be viewed by compliant devices and a black screen will be displayed when it detects an attempt to record the content.

Device limits

Limit the amount of devices that can access the festival with a single account.

Multiplay or single play

Allow a ticket holder to watch the content multiple times or just once with the same ticket, and even make tickets expire after a certain time.

Flexible Geo-blocking

Allow certain films and sessions to be geo-blocked to a certain country or region and others to different ones, to make a truly accessible experience depending on the rights of the films on display.

Strict privacy policy

We are GDPR compliant and store our data in the EU, avoiding marketing and tracing cookies to protect both viewers and festivals.

The most secure payment methods

We work with several payment gateways around the globe to maximise reach and allow viewers from anywhere to be able to access your content and ensuring the most secure protocols are in place to protect viewers.

Secure tools

It is not only about viewing, but also about working in a secure environment that allows your staff to reduce their exposure to human mistakes. We use secure protocols like two-factor authentication or anti social-engineering tools, among many others, to protect your accounts and your content.

Because every festival is different, you need different tools

We offer different ways to display your festival online, using different configurations and options that all may be mixed together and with each other to create unique experiences.

Allow your viewers to watch only a session from 6PM to 8PM, with presale of tickets and auto loading at the time decided. Create an on demand experience where each film has their own page with the information relevant to it, director, selections, cast and crew, etc.

Create a calendar of activities and streams, with presentations from the directors, live or pre-recorded Q&As, allow films to go online after a physical session has finished and give free codes to the viewers to give to their families or friends and expand your viewership.

Mecal On line

Success story

On March 2020, just one week before the start of the festival and due to the COVID-19 health crisis, the Barcelona International Short Film and Animation Festival Mecal was forced to postpone their on site sessions. In order to avoid a complete cancellation of the festival and deliver to their audiences and the filmmakers, they contacted us to create an online version of their festival. In less than a week they were able to have in our system over 250 films and launch on time for their promised dates.

See an example of how their festival looks like on Festhome TV:




March 20
May 20