$130.000 in prizes at the China International New Media Short Film Festival

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Pubblicato: 15 Sep 2019


$130.000 in prizes and no entry fee submissions until July 31st

The China International New Media Short Film Festival (CSFF) is currently the only nationally-recognized international short film festival in China and it is regarded as one of the top three international film and television cultural events in China.

Sponsored by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, the festival aims to encourage the creation of outstanding new media short films across the globe, to seek and support young film and television talents, to incubate high-quality film and television creative projects, to promote integrated development of Film & Television Industry, and New Media Industry and, last but not least, to foster cultural communication, exchange, and cooperation internationally.

After nine years of cultivation and development, the CSFF has blossomed as a film festival and achieved development as a national film and television cultural event and a platform for international cultural exchanges.

$130.000 in cash prizes!: Winners of the 10th CSFF KingBonn Awards will obtain supporting funds for the creation of their next works, trophies and certificates issued by the CSFF Organizing Committee, opportunities to have priority in signing contracts of projects in the CSFF Short Film Market and other resources.

NO ENTRY FEE SUBMISSIONS UNTIL JULY 31st, don’t miss the chance to submit your short film!


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