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Fardella, Italy

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31 May 2024

Published: 11 Apr 2024
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Short films

The Municipalities of Calvera, Chiaromonte, Fardella, and Teana announce, for the year 2024, within the framework of the Miskigliamoci Festival, the 1st edition of "Food and Cinema - Miskiglio Festival." The audiovisual works in competition, of the type described below, must have as their theme food, or contain narrative elements related to gastronomy, scenes and sequences pertaining to the theme, or the enhancement of the territories’ typical products.

The works will be judged for their creativity, the ability to narrate the key theme, and for their technical and aesthetic qualities.

The winner will receive a cash prize worth €2,500.00 and the right to participate in the Marateale Short Film Contest.

Participation in the competition is free.

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