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Jalpaiguri, India

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25 Aug 2022

Published: 28 Feb 2022
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After successfully conducting the Siliguri International Short Film Festival in Siliguri for the last three years, we are planning to organise the 1st Jalpaiguri International Short Cinema Festival in the cultural capital of North Bengal right from 2022!

Jalpaiguri has a distinct cultural legacy of its own. There are many budding and aspiring filmmakers, actors, and technicians in this town. The sensational Tollywood actress Mimi Chakraborty belongs to Jalpaiguri. Excepting her many are successfully working in Bengali Film Industry.

The history of Jalpaiguri even boasts of its fight for freedom against the British rulers. Then the Divisional Headquarters, Jalpaiguri has many royal memories to share with even today. With lush greenery, hills, tea gardens, dense forests, meandering village paths, and numerous rivers — Jalpaiguri can be a prime seat of film tourism in near future. Hence the idea of holding THE JALPAIGURI INTERNATIONAL SHORT CINEMA FESTIVAL.

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