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03 Dec 2018

Published: 03 Sep 2018
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The Videofestival Imperia, organized by Officine Digitali is open to amateurs and professionals. Registration is free. The Festival is now in its 14th edition and will take place in Imperia from May 05 to May 09, 2020. Deadline for foreign works is December 02, 2019. 21118 authors from 100 nations participated to the 2019 edition. 88 films were screened.

Reserved to foreign authors. The sections are: Short films, Documentary films, Animation & Graphics films with unlimited running time. Works must be subtitled in one of the following languages: Italian, French, English. To the first selected work of every section will be awarded a prize. The subject is free.

Open to national and international authors. The sections are: Travel Documentary (running time max. 30 min.) and Nature Documentary (unlimited running time). Only to one work chosen by the jury will be awarded a prize.

Please visit our site for further details.

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Photo of Video Festival Imperia
Photo of Video Festival Imperia
Photo of Video Festival Imperia
Photo of Video Festival Imperia

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