Cinema Crianza Film Fest

Milladoiro-Ames, Spain

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31 Aug 2018

Published: 12 Jun 2018
 Does NOT have submission fees
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Cinema Crianza is the first international children’s film festival in Galicia.

It is born out of the desire to promote a taste for film among the youngest, helping to educate a future audience with artistic sensibility, cultural interest and a critical spirit with regards to audiovisual consumption.

We believe that a film festival such as this one must convey the diversity of children’s film, helping to encourage children’s curiosity. In the process of children’s audiovisual literacy in today’s world, we feel that access to the most varied assortment of works possible is essential to developing of an understanding of this art, so that it’s not confined to the products of consumption at the delicate time of youth.

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Photo of Cinema Crianza
Photo of Cinema Crianza
Photo of Cinema Crianza
Photo of Cinema Crianza

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