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21 Sep 2024

Published: 06 May 2024
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Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest was the first genre-specific Sci-Fi film festival in Germany. Berlin is a metropolis that welcomes a better future, even as it parties and celebrates the fall of the old order in post-apocalyptic converted industrial spaces. Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest is looking for thought provoking science fiction that makes audiences think, feel, and reflect on our place in the universe and our future.

We are introducing a new competition this year: “Stories That Would Made Great Sci-Fi Films”. We will also be expanding our competitions to include Science Documentaries. Our goal is to promote cross-fertilization between science, science fiction literature, and science fiction filmmaking.

Towards that end, Berlin Sci-fi Filmfest is planning to be back this year at a new venue—Urania—located at the intersection of lively Schöneberg and upscale Charlottenburg, on Ku’damn, known as the Champs-Élysées of Berlin, two blocks from KaDeWe. Urania is a scientific society founded in 1888 to disseminate the latest advances in science to the public.

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Photo of Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest
Photo of Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest
Photo of Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest
Photo of Berlin Sci-Fi Filmfest

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