Buenos Aires, Argentina


31 Aug 2024

Published: 05 Mar 2024
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Short films

Bendita Tú is an International Film Festival based in Argentina and Spain dedicated to showcasing short films made by women, trans, and non-binary individuals.

The festival is a space for the dissemination of experimental, essayistic, and non-fiction audiovisual works with a formally and conceptually committed proposal, addressing gender perspectives and diversity of identities. We select films that allow for the exploration of non-hegemonic, situated, and embodied approaches, creating bonds between people from different countries through intersectional feminism.

The objective is to showcase emerging audiovisual pieces and debut works that, due to their limited opportunities for exhibition and distribution, remain invisible. At the same time, we promote dialogues between these works and those of established female directors, focusing on intergenerational relationships and the importance of genealogies in the world of cinema.

In this VII Edition, water is a form of resistance and revolution, manifested through audiovisual creation. Throughout history, various authors have used this powerful transparent medium as a symbol of strength. For example, Gloria Anzaldúa describes the river as an element that challenges oppressive structures and represents the fluidity of identities and cultures. Bell Hooks considered water as a metaphor for transformation and resilience, in relation to the experience of being a black woman in the United States. Judith Butler interprets this liquid as an icon of fluidity and resistance to binary gender norms.

Therefore, alongside these authors, we reclaim this vital element as an ally, a refuge where we can feel safe and from which we can express our ideas and imagine other possible futures. This year, the tide rises and propels us towards a political record that demands change. For this reason, we seek works that surpass the limits of the audiovisual medium, vibrant creations that convey the need for a challenging, fluid, and collective existence.

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Photo of Bendita Tú
Photo of Bendita Tú
Photo of Bendita Tú
Photo of Bendita Tú

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