Ann Arbor Black Film Festival

Ann Arbor, United States

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26 Apr 2024

Published: 22 Feb 2024
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Short films

A2BFF’s goal is to bring talented Film Artists of Color to Tree Town during the African American Downtown Festival to reclaim the cultural narrative and showcase the diverse experiences of Black in America.

Join us in Ann Arbor on June 1st running concurrent with the African American Downtown Festival!

The Ann Arbor Black Film Festival is an event dedicated to showcasing the creativity and diversity of black cinema. Founded in 2024, the festival aims to celebrate the rich heritage of black storytelling and provide a platform for emerging and established filmmakers to share their voices and perspectives. Through screenings, panel discussions, and special events, the festival seeks to inspire dialogue, promote inclusivity, and empower black creatives in the film industry. For more information, visit

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Short film festival

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