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25 Apr 2024

Published: 08 Feb 2024
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Short films

Since 2004, Festimaj has been offering international screenings of short films made by children and young people aged 4 to 30, and by professionals of all ages. The selected films are then shown on all five continents, thanks to co-organizers from around the world.

A festival of diversity, offering screenings of never-before-seen films in over 35 countries.

An international network of professional filmmakers, co-organizers and broadcasters, enabling children, young people and adults to see these unique programs.

An ethical cinematography of committed films dealing with crucial societal issues: education, tolerance, migration, peace education, children's rights, ecology..., the fight against discrimination, harassment at school, abuse, corruption... so many subjects to build a citizen's identity, change one's outlook and open up to others.

Access to culture for thousands of children and young people in a catchment area of over 300,000 spectators in more than 150 physical and online venues (everyone can sign up to see the films from home).

International Festival

Short film festival

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Photo of Festimaj
Photo of Festimaj
Photo of Festimaj

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