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Sospirolo, Italy

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15 May 2024

Published: 23 Jan 2024
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Agricultural biodiversity must be preserved and protected for its environmental, cultural, socio-economic and gastronomic value. We have the responsibility to protect the huge heritage of crops and plant varieties that people have used and selected over hundreds of years.

The objective of the Bio Film Festival is to share and promote agricultural biodiversity and build awareness around this topic. It is a festival that aims to present the works of Italian and international talents, who through their films will talk about rural biodiversity and all its aspects. This cultural initiative is designed to welcome short movies, short video stories, as well as documentaries and animation movies. The event will take place in the province of Belluno, in the Dolomites, UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. The festival will be held in September to celebrate this year's harvest. The selected films will be projected during the festival and the following categories will be awarded with the golden spike: best short film, best documentary, best fiction film and best film director. The logo of the festival represents a child, symbol of purity, whose footsteps restore biodiversity in a grey world.

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Photo of Bio Film Festival
Photo of Bio Film Festival
Photo of Bio Film Festival
Photo of Bio Film Festival

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