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19 Jan 2025

Published: 13 Jan 2024
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Welcome to the fifth edition of the MiraBan UK Film Awards (MUFA), an annual London-based Independent,Film Festival driven by diversity and inclusivity. We are currently members of BFI Film Audience Network and Film Hub London.

MUFA is the brainchild of MiraBan Ltd, a creative content company specialising in film festival management and distribution, brought to life by its dedicated fans, followers, and subscribers.

Our primary goal is to shine a global spotlight on emerging and seasoned independent filmmakers, celebrating artistic excellence while highlighting exceptional British and International films that champion diversity.

Inaugurated on December 7th, 2018, the first MUFA edition premiered at the iconic Electric Cinema, a historic venue that holds a legacy of pioneering filmmaking. With a heritage dating back to 1910, the Electric Cinema was one of Britain's first electrically powered motion picture exhibition locations—a hub for independent film pioneers.

MUFA is a festival of and for independent filmmakers, embracing diversity and inclusivity in auteur cinema. Behind MUFA's success stands a team of active film practitioners who share a passion for elevating independent cinema.

MUFA welcomes submissions across a range of categories, including International and UK Feature Films, Short Narratives (Comedy or Drama), Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Editing, Screenplay, Film Score, Acting Performance, Film Script, and more.

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Visit our website: mirabanukfilmawards.co.uk

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Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards (2018-present)
Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards (2018-present)
Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards (2018-present)
Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards (2018-present)

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