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18 Jan 2024

Published: 09 Jan 2024
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FICSEM is a new Social and Ecological Film Festival, which was going to see the light of day for the first time in 2020, in the Mediterranean area.

For major reasons, and having been immersed in a situation in which we have all been affected, we have decided to adapt to the current situation, and give a new focus to our festival. Maintaining the enthusiasm and passion we feel for the artistic world.

Our festival is aimed at the dissemination and promotion of film authors related to topics of social and/or ecological value.

Because we believe in the power of art as a transformative medium, our contribution from this festival is to give visibility to projects that address environmental and social changes in which we are immersed. We are an international festival because we understand the world beyond barriers, and because we are moved by the need to get to know other cultures and share the best of ours, as it contributes to any improvement in any corner of the world.

The Mediterranean is the climate that surrounds us, and we feel identified with it. In terms of warmth, closeness and transparency. We are a festival that is starting strong, with a large number of committed artists who share our cause, and the desire to share.

And that is why we are not afraid to break the most classic festival patterns. So much so, that in the award for best actor and/or actress, the recognition of the award falls on their social and/or ecological work... And not only on their skills.

Despite having firm ideological foundations. We open ourselves to other artistic areas and initiatives.

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Photo of Festival Cine del Mediterráneo- Ficsem
Photo of Festival Cine del Mediterráneo- Ficsem
Photo of Festival Cine del Mediterráneo- Ficsem
Photo of Festival Cine del Mediterráneo- Ficsem

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