Babylon Documentary Film Festival

Baghdad, Iraq

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18 May 2024

Published: 04 Jan 2024
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The Babylon International Documentary Film Festival is the first international documentary film festival in Iraq. The festival is a 5 days special event that aims to empower and uplift documentary filmmakers from the MENA region as well as shedding light on Human Rights topics in the region, while also fostering cooperation and cultural exchange between international filmmakers. The festival focuses on showcasing a diverse range of international independent documentary films, with a special emphasis on promoting and supporting MENA talent.

The festival's primary goal is to provide a community for MENA documentary filmmakers to showcase their works and gain recognition on an international stage. The festival actively seeks to empower and uplift filmmakers to tell stories about important topics such as human rights. By offering filmmakers a dedicated community to present their documentaries alongside international films. Through screenings, discussions, and Q&A sessions with industry professionals, The festival creates opportunities for filmmakers from the MENA region to engage with a global audience, gain exposure, and build valuable connections within the international documentary community.

In addition to celebrating Independent documentary cinema, the festival also fosters collaboration and cultural exchange with filmmakers from around the world. By bringing together international filmmakers, directors, and producers, the festival promotes dialogue, understanding, and the sharing of diverse perspectives.

The festival serves as a dynamic platform that not only celebrates documentary filmmaking on an international scale but also seeks to empower and elevate filmmakers from the MENA region, promoting their voices and stories to a global audience.

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Photo of Babylon Documentary Film Festival
Photo of Babylon Documentary Film Festival
Photo of Babylon Documentary Film Festival
Photo of Babylon Documentary Film Festival

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