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29 Feb 2024

Published: 02 Jan 2024
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Hello! We are International Auto film festa.

■ Held an automobile film festival that originated in Japan.

The International Auto Film Festa Committee will hold the "International Auto Film Festa," a car film festival from Japan, in 2024 and will start accepting submissions from 1 January 2024.

Automobiles are the primary industry in Japan, and it is a unique market with many global automobile manufacturers and brands. However, we ignored culture and art related to automobiles.
Therefore, it is necessary to increase the value of videos from the viewpoint of automobile-related culture and art.

Also, many of the existing film festivals are not well known to the general public, which is a hurdle for both participants and spectators.

We will make it possible for as many people as possible to participate in film festivals.

Using a film festival format, we will play a part in automobile culture and promote the exchange of global video creators with Japan as the starting point.

■ The mission of the International Auto Film Festa.
We are holding a new automobile film festival.

• Easy for anyone to join.
• Anyone can see trends in automobile videos.
• We are introducing video works and directors throughout the year.
• Posted in Japanese and English.
We will create a culture expressing automobiles' joy with videos.
Making film festivals more familiar.
Make it a gateway to success for creators.

In this film festival, anyone who loves automobiles can submit.
It all starts here.

■ Message from Media Partner
International Auto Film Festa will work with media partners to hold film festivals and disseminate information.

Mr. Tetsuya Kato
An automobile is an industrial product with many interesting stories behind it.
Of course, it also delivers many stories to those who ride.

I am very much looking forward to seeing a video that conveys the appeal of an automobile that is more than just a tool.

- CAR GRAPHIC. Since 1962, Japan's leading monthly magazine specializing in automobiles.

Mr. Shin-ichiro Ehara
Auto Bild Japan
The power of video is immeasurable. Japanese automobile film festivals have a significant influence in fostering automobile culture in our country.

I can't stop being excited!
We, Auto Bild Japan, will support the International Auto Film Festa.
- Auto Build Japan. The Japanese portal site of AUTO BILD, a magazine since 1986.

Mr. Satoshi Ubukata
Encountering the car of your dreams is often video work. Great video work is essential for a rich car life.
We hope that notable works will be born from this event.

- is an automobile information site specializing in three German brands: Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche.

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Photo of International Auto Film Festa
Photo of International Auto Film Festa
Photo of International Auto Film Festa
Photo of International Auto Film Festa

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