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05 May 2024

Published: 17 Dec 2023
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The InFest Film Festival is a 2-day freak short film Festival which is held in Rubí, a city of asphalt, industry and smoke located in the Valles Occidental, a region located near Barcelona (Spain).

The InFest festival emerges as a firm and clear proposal: that Rubí be known as the Rubiwood of the Vallés district. During the last 8 years, InFest has organized the best possible short film experience: outdoors screenings, concerts, bar service and all kinds of activities related to cinema. What else can we ask for?

The InFest is devoted to showcase new short films (produced after year 2019) showing Sci-Fi, Fantastic, Freak and Horror elements. Short films cannot exceed 15 minutes length (credits excluded). Foreign films MUST be dubbed or subtitled in Spanish or Catalan, or the film will not be accepted.

In 2024, InFest will celebrate its 9th annual edition. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the InFest was moved to the amphitheater of The castle of Rubí ("El Castell"), a defensive construction from the 13th century, which can host public events with more than 2000 people. The amphitheater features seats, stage and bar! Jury Prize and Audience Award will receive 1000 and 250 euros, respectively.

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Photo of InFest Rubí
Photo of InFest Rubí
Photo of InFest Rubí
Photo of InFest Rubí

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