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Potsdam, Germany

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07 Jan 2024

Published: 28 Nov 2023
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The 53rd edition of the Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival, one of the biggest film festivals for young filmmakers in Europe, will take place from 25th April to 28th April 2024 in Potsdam. It offers up-and-coming filmmakers from all over the world a platform to present their works to a broad audience and come into contact with the industry. Founded in the 1970s as a showcase for young filmmakers in the GDR, Sehsüchte has established itself over the decades as an internationally important festival and has become an integral part of the Berlin and Brandenburg cultural landscape.

Sehsüchte sees itself as a place of encounter and creativity, as an event of cultural diversity and a celebration of cinema, today as well as tomorrow. The festival is planned, organized and implemented entirely by students of the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. The direct connection to the renowned film university enables a unique exchange between young talents, media practice and academia.


In its 53rd edition, Sehsüchte is dedicated to a new generation of filmmakers in a transitional film culture. In the midst of Potsdam, a city rich in film tradition, the festival serves as a platform to show curious and courageous works as well as to highlight the genuine desires, fears, and visions of up-and-coming filmmakers. At a time when not only the cultural sector but the entire reality of life is marked by disruption, we create a place of encounter where creativity is celebrated.

Our program offers local and international artists a screen, allows us to experience (un)known perspectives through a variety of cinematic-aesthetic forms of expression, and promotes discourse between underrepresented and established film regions.
With a festival campus centered in the "Schiffbauergasse", Sehsüchte opens up a space for networking and discussion between students and industry experts. We see ourselves as a young festival with a clear stance: only through an honest exchange at eye level can the industry's challenges be overcome, an awareness of ecological and social resources be created and, above all, an open culture of film be shaped. Let us embrace the current transformation and actively shape the resulting potential, the future of film.

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Photo of Sehsüchte Internationales Studierendenfilmfestival
Photo of Sehsüchte Internationales Studierendenfilmfestival
Photo of Sehsüchte Internationales Studierendenfilmfestival
Photo of Sehsüchte Internationales Studierendenfilmfestival

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