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08 Oct 2023

Published: 03 Oct 2023
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Amity International Film Festival is committed to supporting emerging talent and providing fun, original and thought-provoking cinematic experiences. AIFF is a Two-Day celebration of the art of filmmaking and the contribution that films make to our culture.

This will showcase documentaries and short films on popular science, technology, health & environmental issues. This event also creates a platform to interact with filmmakers, scientists, and enthusiasts to develop a better public understanding of the universe; encourage citizen science and public participation and promote appreciation of science films.

Through the projection of popular science, technology, health & environmental-themed films and facilitated discussion — educate, raise awareness, and inspire the adoption of solution-oriented sustainable actions.

Stimulate, energize and activate communities through deep involvement in the Amity International Film Festival, maximizing citizen reach and expanding the movement of Healthy Biosphere.


1) Create thought-provoking, transformative opportunities for understanding various scientific aspects, and the power of human involvement.

2) Pack an intensive education & awareness punch through rich film stories, interactive discussions, and experiences.

3) “Expand the movement” by attracting people not generally involved in or already committed to “green” activities.

Date: 4th- 6th October 2023 Location: Amity University, Noida

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Photo of Amity International Film Festival
Photo of Amity International Film Festival
Photo of Amity International Film Festival
Photo of Amity International Film Festival

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