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Ayacucho, Argentina

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10 Aug 2023

Published: 05 Aug 2023
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The Rural Film Festival emerged in the city of Ayacucho in 2016 as an initiative from the Directorate of Culture to promote audiovisual production in our city.
Although the audiovisual work area belongs to the artistic sphere, it can also be applied according to educational, environmental, scientific, technological, political, business and commercial disciplines to give some examples.
Next, we list some of the central ideas, according to time and resources, that have been and will be developed within this space:
- Direction and general coordination of the Rural Film Festival.
- Boost and promotion of the movie theater and alternative projection spaces.
- Linking and cooperation between rural and urban schools.
- Generation of socio-educational projects in schools, institutes and training centers.
- Dictation of courses and training open to the community.
- Production of audiovisual content and resources for municipal offices.
- Production of local short films that cover fictional stories and social problems such as agroecology, environment, pesticides, rural work, gender violence, bullying and cyberbullying, addictions, abortion, school dropout, gender perspective, social inclusion, among others.
- Teacher training in all stages of audiovisual production.

We understand this as a way to promote local artistic-social production and reflection by virtue of promoting cultural pluralism and integrating our community.

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Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural
Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural
Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural
Photo of Festival Nacional de Cine Rural

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