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Sudbury, United Kingdom

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15 Aug 2023

Published: 02 Dec 2022
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The Dead And SudBuried Horrorthon began life way back in 2016 in darkest Suffolk in the small market town of Sudbury as a celebration of classic horror movies. Over just one day, seven such classics were thrown back on the big screen in the intimate venue of The Quay Theatre. Taking place in a town without an actual cinema to fulfil our dream to see these movies on a big screen, the first Horrorthon was planned around a birthday so just in case it failed to bring enough horror fans obsessed enough to sit and watch non-stop horror all day long, the event could be written off as a present to ourselves! Fortunately, a small but perfectly formed crowd came, enjoyed and endured over 13 hours of wonderful motion pictures like The Exorcist, An American Werewolf In London, The Thing and Evil Dead 2.

The Horrorthon didn’t lose quite enough money in its first year, so returned in 2017 bombarding a bigger crowd with such classics as Dawn Of The Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Omen and classic horror trailers between movies.

In 2018, we jumped six months to move to a more fitting and more permanent Halloween weekend building on our established Horrorthon crowd/family and adding magazine and Blu-ray giveaways. Our last event in 2019 was our biggest year to date with an even bigger crowd, more giveaways and discounts from local businesses for food and hotels. Due to the uncertainty arising from Covid 19 and following UK Government guidelines, the 2020 event was postponed to 2021.

In November 2020, we created a virtual event to bridge the gap to 2021 using the Eventive platform called Virtually Dead And SudBuried: Horrorthon At Home! The event was a huge success and included A Ghost Waits, Death Ranch, Chestersberg, The Slaughterhouse Killer, I Scream On The Beach, Redwood Massacre: Annihilation, WitchStars, Exit, Millennial Killer, Nefarious, Hail To The Deadites, They're Outside, Game Of Death, Butchers and 44 shorts over a single weekend!

We believe that movies should be seen on a big screen with big sound and with a crowd to be truly enjoyed which is the real reason the Horrorthon keeps coming back every year! Our fifth year was a breakthrough year when it became clear that our horror fanatic crowd was hungry for not just more classic horror but they wanted new horror too. We expanded to 2 days and with brand new features and shorts added to our regular bill of rarely seen, classic horror movies, we became a fully-fledged two day horror film festival.

Despite the best efforts of Covid, we brought in our biggest crowd yet for our fifth event to watch a weekend of 7 brand new features (2 UK premieres) including Wyvern Hill, It Came From Below, Alien On Stage, Sweetie You Won’t Believe It, Tales Of The Creeping Death, Werewolf Castle and Box with 4 live Director/Cast Q&A’s following the screening, 7 classic horror movies featuring The Lost Boys, The Changeling, The Howling, Pieces, Friday The 13th, Videodrome and [•REC] with video introductions from Joe Dante, Alex Winter and Sean S Cunningham plus 24 amazing shorts from all over the world. Horrorthon V was a huge success leading to an even bigger 3 day event in 2022 featuring 8 classics, 8 festival circuit movies and 19 brand new shorts plus the addition of food trucks and merchandise!

The seventh Horrorthon, Taste The Blood Of Dead And SudBuried takes place at The Quay Theatre in the picturesque town of Sudbury, Suffolk from Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October featuring 3 days, jam packed with delicious horror! Please come and join us! We’re aiming to be even bigger and better for 2023 building on this year to become a major horror event for Suffolk and Essex.

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Photo of Burn, Dead And Sudburied, Burn : Horrorthon VII
Photo of Burn, Dead And Sudburied, Burn : Horrorthon VII
Photo of Burn, Dead And Sudburied, Burn : Horrorthon VII
Photo of Burn, Dead And Sudburied, Burn : Horrorthon VII

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