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24 Aug 2023

Published: 28 Nov 2022
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Welcome to the third edition of MiraBan UK Film Awards (MUFA), a yearly London-based, diversity-driven independent Film Festival, entirely founded by fans, followers, and subscribers of MiraBan Ltd, a creative content company specializing in art contests and management of art exhibitions and film festivals.

MUFA's first mission is to draw worldwide attention to both emerging and experienced independent filmmakers, scouting for artistic excellence while giving exposure to high-quality, diversity-driven, British and International movies.

On the 7th December 2018, MUFA I Edition premiered at the stunning venue, the Electric Cinema, designed by architect Gerald Seymour Valentin and opened in Portobello on 27th February 1910. It was one of the first locations in Britain supplied by electricity and designed for motion picture exhibition. It was also originally a club of independent pioneers of filmmaking.

The festival is for and by independent filmmakers. The organizers of the MiraBan UK Film Awards brought a team of active film practitioners.

MUFA accepts submissions in many categories:

International Feature Films, UK Feature Films; International Short Narrative (Comedy or Drama); UK Short Narrative (Comedy or Drama); Short Comedy; Short Drama; Documentary; Experimental; Animation; Editing; Screenplay and Film Score; Acting Performance; Film Script, and more.

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpfMGCtguSA&list=PLr_yIiIPGQOXRhga8JTaDtN5IvtcMJbp_&index=3

Website link: www.mirabanukfilmawards.co.uk

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Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards
Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards
Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards
Photo of MiraBan UK Film Awards

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