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Istanbul, Turkey

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01 Nov 2022

Published: 13 Sep 2022
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Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market, The five-day mega event in the largest consumer of cinematic content, equipment, resources and biggest producer of Content, Turkey, brings together Content Sellers, Buyers, Producers, Directors Financiers and Governments on a single platform. We invite you to participate and find your own resources, connect with professionals, companies, Funds that you need. The Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market, shall have Location Managers, Tourism Boards, acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, Over-the-top media services platforms, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, film funds, film institutes, studios, the world’s press and all those who provide services to the motion picture and television industry. The event is being supported by the General Directorate of Cinema of Turkey, the apex body of all film making associations-organizations

We are opening a new medium for the cinema industry. "FILM MARKET". Turkey's film industry, the world's leading equipment manufacturers, leasing companies, suppliers, producer companies, directors, academics and film students, film and with experienced filmmakers with new projects, financiers, participants will be here to present their film projects to the film commission.

Haliç Goldenhorn film fest & market, representatives of World cinemas Hollywood, Bollywood, European and Asian Cinema, TV channels, regional and world cinemas come together for a week due to its geographical location. In this cinematic medium, it will be a festival & Film market where they can not give up by cooperating with the world cinema representatives.

The first edition of The Haliç Goldenhorn Film Market aims to trade US $ 3 million. Joining means you have a valid reason

The theme this year is VARIETY! We'll program a bit of everything in our "first" year! As we grow, and with more eyes than ever looking at our screens, we really want your best Drama, Comedy, Genres, Documentary, Experimental, Web / Series, Animated and Student films! We are also proud to say that we have reached representatives of Hollywood, Bollywood, European and Asian Cinema countries so there is always a place for international films as well!

Haliç Goldenhorn Film Festival and Bazaar offers an application discount for films whose original language is Turkish. Yes, for Turkish movies, If your movie is in its original language, please contact us before shipping; we will offer you a discount code that will apply to both Haliç Goldenhorn Film Festival screenings and the Film Market. Contact us directly for the code.

We are a festival that is very proud of screening films made by all filmmakers, regardless of gender or race. Everyone has a chance, and our programming jury is actively looking for films with subjects suitable for world cinema.

We are proud to present the Film Market for the first year, which is the last weekend of the festival and includes Industry Development events, quality networking, sales talks and more! nearly 50 countries will participate. You should too!

The cinema world loves our city and has hosted many world stars. Istanbul, Turkey, an important destination for film and television productions. The birth of Turkish cinema Yeşilçam took place in this city. Directors love the "everywhere" look of the city and people love to see it on screen! If you want to shoot in our big city, you will have the opportunity to meet people who run the festival office!

Filmmakers and directors from all over the world choose Halic Goldenhorn Film Festival & market as a necessary stop. We want you to be a part of this growing scene! See you in Haliç Goldenhorn in December!

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Photo of Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market
Photo of Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market
Photo of Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market
Photo of Halic Goldenhorn Film Fest & Market

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