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06 Sep 2022

Published: 07 May 2022
 Does NOT have submission fees
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Look for films about identity and culture, in which the presence of these elements is significant, or that this has relevance in the story. a film is also sought to promote the defense, denunciation and protection of material and immaterial goods, cultural traditions of a country or territory. In any category the Festival may invite some short films, or feature films directly.
All the promotional material (texts, data and photos) sent by the participant to the "Itinerant Film Festival Tolima Ve Y Se Ve" during the registration period will be freely used in online and physical publications (Festival catalog, festival program, press releases) of press and on the festival website), in order to make the selected works known to the public.

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Photo of Mobile Film Latam
Photo of Mobile Film Latam
Photo of Mobile Film Latam
Photo of Mobile Film Latam

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