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London, United Kingdom

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14 May 2022

Published: 06 May 2022
 Does NOT have submission fees
Short films

Film Junction Film Festival is on a lookout for emerging and diverse talent with a creative eye and a powerful story. We are focused at promoting new creatives, especially film students and entrants in the industry. We have opened submissions for short films and welcome entries from around the globe and all genres.

All films will be judged by our panel of curators. Each curator will rate the film on a pre-discussed criteria. Every film will be seen by at least 3 curators and total results will be tallied. Highest ranking films will be selected and showcased at our festival. Further, certain films will also get a chance to be featured on our upcoming streaming platform.

All selected films will receive laurels and certificates. Films ranked the highest in each category will be awarded.

Main Deadline : 14th May, 2022

International Festival

Short film festival

 Fiction  Documentary  Animation  Other  Experimental

Photo of Film Junction Film Festival
Photo of Film Junction Film Festival

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