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San Francisco del Monte de Oro, Argentina

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25 Apr 2022

Published: 26 Feb 2022
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Festival Cine en las Sierras, is an international film festival, which takes place in the city of San Francisco del Monte de Oro (San Luis) Argentina.The FILM FESTIVAL IN THE SIERRAS, SAN FRANCISCO DEL MONTE DE ORO opens its 2nd CALL 2022 and is open from February 25 to April 25, 2022 in JULY and closes on AUGUST 22, 2021, it is aimed at filmmakers and producers national and foreign provincial films that have made feature films, short films and minute films aimed at children and families; as well as Mexican and/or foreign mini-filmmakers between 5 and 14 years old, between 15 and 18 years old and I publish in general up to 30 minutes of short films sent in their original language with Spanish subtitles in the case of foreign languages. They can be recorded with professional film equipment

The objective of the call is to ensure that children in vulnerable situations and the general public can access valuable content that awakens emotions and empathy in them, that leaves them learning and makes culture reach them through cinema as factors determinants for their identity and social inclusion and improvement of their reality by contributing to Mex society

The sample of films that are part of the 2021 Selection of the CHURUMBELA Children's Film Festival will be included in the following categories:NATIONAL PRODUCTION
Children's short film
-Documentary film

INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION children's short film
-Documentary film


The works can be registered by the filmmakers, producers and/or distributors at no cost since the festival is non-profit and what we want is to bring their stories to many children so that they serve as a reflection, inspiration, awareness and to generate self-confidence.

In this edition, we extend the production date of the works, which can be carried out between 2019 and 2022.

The official selection will be published from June 20, 2022 on social networks and the official website of the Festival:

Registration must be done only through FESTHOME/ or by sending an email to with the following information:

• 2 Stills in .jpg format (300 dpi),
• Movie poster in .jpg format (300 dpi),
• Photograph of the director in .jpg format (300 dpi),
• Technical sheet (You can

The final exhibition formats will be exclusively in digital downloadable file, H264 compression, 4K (4096 x 2160) and/or in H264, (3840 x 2160) in the case of Mini-filmmakers, it can be received in an HD format (1920 x 1080) type .mov or .mp4.

It is requested to send a subtitled version in case the work is made in a language other than Spanish.

Send movie trailer for dissemination and promotion.

The deadline for receiving exhibition material is February 25 to April 25, 2022

The CHURUMBELA CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL will take place from September 25 to December 5, 2021; It is supported by the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (IMCINE), the Trust for the Promotion and Development of Mexican Cinema in Mexico City (PROCINE) and important alliances have been established with the private initiative and benchmarks in the film industry such as EFD MÉXICO, EWOK POWER RENT, COVESTRO, INTEGRAL SERVICES among others.

Thanks to this collaboration, it is possible to bring cinema closer to children for free so that they can immerse themselves in the wonderful world of cinematography.

In this 5th edition we will reach more girls and boys who live in vulnerable communities in other states of the republic through workshops and film screenings based on the programming that you can consult at:ón2021.

Due to its social and supportive nature, access to the Churumbela Children's Film Festival is free, fosters an inclusive environment and promotes dialogue, the seventh art and artistic expression as tools for social transformation.

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Photo of Festival Cine en las Sierras
Photo of Festival Cine en las Sierras
Photo of Festival Cine en las Sierras
Photo of Festival Cine en las Sierras

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