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15 Mar 2022

Published: 31 Dec 2021
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Short films

Why trust us?
We are a new addition to the crowded area of film festivals, but we are working hard to earn the reputation of a respected one. Since we are operated by the oldest and one of the most esteemed private film schools in Poland, we are grouping professionals with the serious filmography under the belt.
Our festival has a real audience and real happening.

We are producing this Festival as we were making a film — to gather a real audience in front of the screen and make them love what they see.
Every edition serves to pick up innovative and original shorts, with unique voice and artistic qualities, and select them for screenings program.
It is film we care about.

We value good films. That's why we make them timeless.

The Idea behind our festival is to bring attention to the spirit of cinema which consists of Time, Memory, and Stream of Thoughts.

Festival is a yearly festival with an online competition. Once a year, there will be a physical Four Seasons Event – screenings of awarded and curated selection of films at the theater in the center of Wrocław.

See our website www.timelessawards.art for more info.

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Short film festival

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Photo of Timeless Awards
Photo of Timeless Awards
Photo of Timeless Awards
Photo of Timeless Awards

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