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Madrid, Spain

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10 Oct 2021

Published: 25 Sep 2021
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La Palma, the green heart in Canary Islands, is suffering a catastrophe generated by the vulcanic eruption in Cumbre Vieja. This hadn't happened since 1971, when volcano Teneguía exploded in the same island. Thousands of hectares, crops and buildings are being destroyed by lava flows, leaving a lot of devastation and pain.
This festival is born from the deep desire of helping in this crisis. An online festival, accessible and free for the public, made up of shortfilms from all around the world. We hope to bring comfort and evasion to those people (children and adults, senior citizens, families) who have lost everything and fight everyday during this disaster. Or those who are dedicating body and soul to provide shelter for the homeless, the firefighters who have not slept for days, the police who take care of the population, the donors of food and clothing, the volunteers who are helping to load trucks of personal objects, or saving pets and lost animals -this Festival for all of them.
Fee entries (5 euros per short) will be FULLY DONATED TO PALYATE THE DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE VOLCANO, to the following associations, town councils and animal shelters: (more will be added to the list)

Ayuntamiento de los Llanos de Aridane
La Unión Palmera Animalista
Protectora De Animales Y Plantas Benawara de La Palma
Ayuntamiento de Cabildo de la Palma
Brigada de Rescate Orión
Ayuntamiento de El Paso
Asociación de Celiacos y Sensibles al Gluten de Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Protectoras UPA, Benawara y Aanipal

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Photo of Festival Solidario De La Palma ’Todos Con La Palma’
Photo of Festival Solidario De La Palma ’Todos Con La Palma’
Photo of Festival Solidario De La Palma ’Todos Con La Palma’

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