Curtas Lapa Film Festival

Bento Ribeiro, Brazil

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30 Oct 2021

Published: 21 Sep 2021
 Does NOT have submission fees
Short films

The Cine Curtas Lapa is an independent, non-profit festival with free admission.

The Festival aims to show films in order to promote the audiovisual industry in Brazil, especially short films, in the neighborhood of Rio's most traditional city night. The idea is to take to Lapa's audience a selection of short, medium and feature films which enrich this bohemian neighborhood's cultural life.

New Year 2021, the Festival completes 10 years and the entire Mostra will be shown online. For more information visit our website.

There will be a popular vote and a professional jury for short films. The winner of each category will receive a certificate and a trophy festival. There will be no cash prizes in our first edition.

Films must be produced in HD format and preferably recorded on DVD video. Other media will not be accepted. DVDs submitted for pre-selection will be the same to be used if the film is selected. Films must be completed, not being accepted unfinished films or temporary copies even after the registration period.

On the registration form participants authorize the producer of the festival to display the selected movie in full during the festival on schedule to be released, and also authorize for clips up to 1 minute of film in news programs on televisions or Brazilian FTA cable and available on the INTERNET strictly informative websites in order to publicize the event.

International Festival

Short film festival

 Fiction  Documentary  Animation  Experimental

Photo of Festival Cine Curtas Lapa
Photo of Festival Cine Curtas Lapa
Photo of Festival Cine Curtas Lapa
Photo of Festival Cine Curtas Lapa

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