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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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22 Sep 2021

Published: 25 Jul 2021
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FICSO, International Festival of Social Cinema, promotes themes and actions that promote and disseminate the formation of awareness and education in fundamental values such as integration and social equity, environmental sustainability and human solidarity.

The Festival proposes the dissemination of works in all formats and durations, national or international, individual or collective, that aim to critically influence reality but above all to contribute ideas and approaches to the most pressing issues. We summon the entire audiovisual community and civil society organizations, CSOs, NGOs, civil associations, organized groups and communities represented in associations, foundations, study centers, neighborhood clubs and also the educational and university community and religious organizations to be part of this initiative.

Any incidence in the matter of human and civil rights is a matter of interest for FICSO; the impact of the globalized economy; the debt of developing countries and the growth of poverty; the preservation and care of the environment and the ecosystem; the rights of minorities, women, children and youth; gender issues; the rights of native communities; the rights of migrants; segregated minorities and a long etcetera.

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