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London, United Kingdom

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12 Jun 2020

Published: 14 Feb 2020
 Does NOT have submission fees
Short films
Feature films

Governmental Organisations, and the world’s first festival of films on international development by young directors.

Festival Aims
Encourage filmmakers/creatives to work together to raise awareness of the Three Pillars of Freedom through screening of films created around these themes.

Three Pillars of Freedom and the Environment
* Freedom from want: Through the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
* Freedom from fear: Through efforts to bring about collective security and peace.
* Freedom to live in dignity: Through the application of justice for all, from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Development: poverty, shelter, healthcare, education, gender, governance, finance

Human Security: conflict prevention, conflict resolution, peacekeeping, shelter, migration

Human Rights: gender, education, dignity, participation

Environment: ecological issues, preparation for and consequences of natural disaster, sustainability, new technologies

Short films: any of the above

Young Film Makers: under 25 years

International Festival

Short film festival

Feature film festival

 Fiction  Documentary  Animation  Other

Photo of We the Peoples Film Festival
Photo of We the Peoples Film Festival
Photo of We the Peoples Film Festival
Photo of We the Peoples Film Festival

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