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PARIS, France

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30 Aug 2020

Published: 13 Feb 2020
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We are a nonprofit organization of general interest that centers around gay contemporary cinema in order to fight homophobia.

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What differentiates boyOHboy from commercial and community film festivals, is our concept of "Cinematographic Marathon" spread over the course of a full year, with a film festival at the end of the year (October 16-18, 2020).

Our initiative aims to educate youth, by going "on their ground", in high schools and colleges, to show them short films that challenge them on the importance of respecting each other, and accepting the fact that in society there are different ways of loving and approaching our sexual orientation.

The purpose of our October Film Festival, is to present to the audience, the films that have most touched the youth to whom we have shown them to during the year.

Unlike the already existing Paris LGBTQ Film festival, boyOHboy does not aspire to be a "discoverer of new films", meaning we do not care about the year of production, neither the fact that some films have already been invited to other LGBTQ festivals.

Niche events mainly attract an open-minded audience that is already won over to the cause. boyOHboy’s approach is different and complementary, since we do not address a community, and that all our revenues are distributed to the fight against gay bullying.

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Photo of boyohboy [Gay] Films Marathon 2020
Photo of boyohboy [Gay] Films Marathon 2020
Photo of boyohboy [Gay] Films Marathon 2020
Photo of boyohboy [Gay] Films Marathon 2020

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