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12 Aug 2019

Published: 27 Sep 2018
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The Scare-A-Con Film Festival supports independent cinema made outside of the direct Hollywood studio involvement, bringing them much needed exposure to major Independent studios around the world.

The Scare-A-Con Film Festival (formerly the B-Movie Film Festival) has been an exciting event in CNY since 1999! We have helped bring exposure to over 10,000 movies, shorts and documentaries from around the world. Many of the movies that have played at our festival have gone on to distribution success with companies like Maverick, Image, Barnholtz, and are available in place like Blockbuster, Best Buy, Netflix, and Walmart. Be a part of the one film festival and horror, sci-fi & fantasy convention that showcases the underdog movies!

The fest is now a part of the Scare-A-Con convention, which brings in hundreds of Hollywood stars like Linda Blair, Tony Todd, Ernie Hudson, Joe Bob Briggs, John Schneider, Doug Bradley, John Russo, C. Thomas Howell, cast members from "The Walking Dead", "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and more and over 6000 patrons per event! The festival and convention hosts events like Filmmaker mixers, dance parties, celebrity panels, costume parties and more. It's an amazing 3 day event, and a great opportunity for filmmakers to socialize and network with their peers.

Judges include:

-Ron Bonk - filmmaker and producer and head of SRS Cinema which has been distributing movies since 1992.
-James V. Johnson - editor of TAPS magazine and founder of Scare-A-Con.
-David J. Skal - an American cultural historian, critic, writer, and on-camera commentator known for his research and analysis of horror films and horror literature.
-Michael Merchant - prolific underground movie actor known for his roles in "She Kills" and "Night of Something Strange".

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Photo of Scare-A-Con
Photo of Scare-A-Con
Photo of Scare-A-Con
Photo of Scare-A-Con

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