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Catanzaro , Italy

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20 Apr 2019

Published: 16 Sep 2018
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Short films

React Film Fest was born from the need to create a showcase and a platform for all types of Shorts: narrative and artistic short films, commercials, video clips, pilot for web series, documentaries and short animation shorts.
The festival mission is, as its name goes, to create a great cinema and audiovisual feast; the artistic direction of the festival intends to give space and reward the art, creativity and the beauty not only with a statuette but with employment contracts, stages, workshops and distribution of the directors and of the works rewarded.
We want to promote knowledge and diffusion of international cinema in all its forms of art, entertainment and industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialog. This idea was born from the precise consideration that today, in Italy, there are not festivals that create opportunities for viral diffusion of young and talented directors who should be rewarded by the public - first of all - and thanks to the audience reactions to reach the necessary production opportunities and financing channels. The goal is to create a movement that change the rules of cinematographic game where it is too often difficult to find a place and we are convinced that the cinema festivals are still the best place to explore the independent work and makes it note. YouTube and Vimeo are so overcrowded that good short films are in underwater position. The priority of the REACT Film Fest is to show the best of the best. We provide to filmmakers the opportunity to share their short films with an enthusiastic and reactive audience which want to see new films, new faces and new arts.
REACT Film Fest wants to celebrate the Italian and international cinema and with an international competition reserved for audiovisual works that represent new aesthetic and expressive trends of the worldwide cinema, with particular regard to the beginnings, emerging and not yet established authors, minor and less known cinematography, but also works which compete with the genres and the current production with innovation intent and creative originality. The kermesse allows directors to submit their works to be judged by professionals and challenge with other talented directors. The discovery of new generations of filmmakers and the realization of their dreams are the main pillars of the REACT Film Fest.

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Photo of REFF React Short Film Fest
Photo of REFF React Short Film Fest
Photo of REFF React Short Film Fest
Photo of REFF React Short Film Fest

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