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28 Jul 2018

Published: 24 Feb 2018
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12th. Children's Audiovisual Festival (FICAIJ), 2021-2022

The Children's Audiovisual Festival, known by its acronym FICAIJ, was born in Mérida, Venezuela, in 2010, and has consolidated itself after 12 years as one of the most important windows for exhibiting quality educational and alternative content as well as commercial content for children, adolescents, youth and families in the country and the region.

After having attended to more than 41,385 participants in its 11 previous editions which have impacted directly in 6 countries of the world. Facing the panorama of pandemic that we are still living through the COVID-19, we assumed the challenge of transforming ourselves and activating our 12th edition in the web with main incidence in the countries of our region. Additionally, we are planning to have some in-person screenings in Venezuela and Colombia.

More than 1,506 short and long films from 81 countries around the world were broadcast on FICAIJ's screens, and more than 392 people, including children, adolescents, young people and adults, evaluated and judged these films.

Our jurors came not only from Venezuela but also from 9 other countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Ecuador, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Spain, and South Africa, participating in representation of their places of origin.

We promote audiovisuals from a reflective and productive viewpoint, inviting children, adolescents and young people to take an active role as creators and prosumers.

FICAIJ seeks to encourage the creation, production, exhibition and distribution of quality content for and by children, adolescents and young people in the region, stimulating the protagonism of children in all these processes.

2nd. Laboratorio FICAIJ:
With the double purpose of strengthening, on the one hand, the production of children, youth and family contents at a regional level, and on the other hand, the training of teachers in education with and for media, a more evident need in view of the digital education imposed by the pandemic, the organization of FICAIJ assumes the challenge of developing the 2nd. edition of its Laboratorio FICAIJ, a training space aimed at the sector of production of contents for Latin American boys and girls and at the sector of education.

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Photo of Festival Audiovisual Infantil (FICAIJ)
Photo of Festival Audiovisual Infantil (FICAIJ)
Photo of Festival Audiovisual Infantil (FICAIJ)
Photo of Festival Audiovisual Infantil (FICAIJ)

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