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Kraljevo, Serbia

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10 May 2018

Published: 20 Feb 2018
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KFF was launched in 2013, as International Short Film Festival. From the very beginning, the essential part of our mission was to bring the audience closer to different kind of films and to provoke interest in film art, and furthermore in understanding its impacts in everyday life.

Festival is held annually during September in the city of Kraljevo (meaning "the King's Town"), where seven Serbian kings are said to have been crowned. Because of our historical heritage, we decided to name our festival “Kraljevski filmski festival”.

KFF is offering a filmmaker-friendly environment with a casual vibe, which is the reason why during the last 6 years we have had filmmakers flying in from the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong, Finland, France, Switzerland, Russia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria…

In 2019, Kraljevski filmski festival had significant changes both on programming and management level by evolving to Post-production Film Festival. Our main goal besides showing great Short films will be to promote the art and craft of Post-production as well as the creative people from behind the camera. To achieve this, the KFF will invite postproduction artists from across the globe for masterclasses or workshops, and organize filmmakers meetings at KFF.

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Photo of Kraljevski Filmski Festival
Photo of Kraljevski Filmski Festival
Photo of Kraljevski Filmski Festival
Photo of Kraljevski Filmski Festival

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