Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores (FICMA Salamanca) ()

International Short Film Festival on elderly people (FICMA Salamanca)


15 May 2020
Call for entries

17 Aug 2020
Festival closed

10 Sep 2020
Notification date

26 Sep 2020
03 Oct 2020


Corregidor Caballero Llanes, 15, bajo,  37005, Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

Festival description
Films about older people.
Short film festival >3' 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Online Festival
 January 2016
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >3' 15'<
 Any language
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Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)

Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)
Photo of Festival Internacional De Cortometrajes Sobre Personas Mayores  (FICMA Salamanca)


Festival start: 26 September 2020      Festival end: 03 October 2020

The International Festival of Short Films on the Elderly (FICMA) was born within the Federation of Associations of the Elderly of Salamanca (FAMASA) with the aim of providing a cultural offer that contributes to improving the quality of life of the elderly by bringing them closer to a full citizenship and offering the cultural heritage of which they are protagonists. It is celebrated every year between September and October since 2016 in the city of Salamanca, being a meeting of intergenerational culture

The Festival poses as a place of debate and discourse for questions such as: How has cinema treated old age? How does it reflect the role of the elderly in the family, sentimental, emotional and social relationships, the process of deterioration and the proximity of death, in a society where the average age of the population is increasingly high? Does the influence of cinema negatively or positively affect the stereotypes and beliefs that society generates about the elderly and the elderly? Do you treat men in the same way as women?

The old age is heterogeneous, as much as older adults exist in the world and this is what aims to demonstrate this cinematographic event.

The goal of FICMA is to get Salamanca people to come to the cinema from the perspective of people over 65 and / or with dependence. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity to offer a festival of cinema to the city and an active and positive vision of this sector of the population. The goal of the festival is for society to take a vision that highlights the positive aspects of old age and reinforces intergenerational relations.

Categories and awards

The author/s of the chosen short films will be notified by telephone or email. At the same
time, an official list of said works will be posted on the Federation’s website and social
media accounts.

Awards offered to every submitted short film, finalist or not, include:

- Best Short Film FICMA 2020: This category is open to those short films (fiction,
documentary or animation) that respect the theme previously stated. The award
consists of 500 euros and a trophy.

- Vítor Award: This award is open to those short films created by students,
regardless of their education level or degree. The award consists of 400 euros and
a trophy.

- Mentions:
Best Photography: This award consists of a special mention.

Best Original Screenplay: This award consists of a special

Best Acting: This award consists of a special mention.

The jury reserves the right to grant ten special secondary awards to any submitted work to
the Festival.

The Festival Committee reserves the right to modify any award granted as long as it’s an

The quantity of the awards does not provide for the reduction the Tax Agency could
apply on said matters in accordance with the 7th article of the 35/2006 Law on November
28th on natural individuals subject to Personal Income Tax and the partial modification of
the Tax on Income, non-Residents and on Capital.

The Salamanca Senior Citizens Association Federation (FAMASA) announces the
V edition of the International Short Film Festival on Senior Citizens. Considering
the actual situation due to Covid-19, FICMA 2020 will be hosting an online edition
via streaming platforms such as YouTube.
The competition rules are as follow:

General conditions

- Individual and collective film-makers are welcomed to participate.

- Only two short films per contestant will be admitted; originals, open to fiction and

- Every submitted short film must include Spanish subtitles

How to participate

The following information is compulsory in order to participate and must be sent through
the platforms WeTransfer or Google Drive to ficmainscripciones@gmail.com stating the
short film title and the name of the producer or distributor on the “Subject”:

- Properly filled out entry form.
- Photocopy of the author/s’ DNI or Identification Card in a .pdf or .jpg format.
- Two photographs of the short film in .jpg format.
- Photograph of the author/s.
- Brief synopsis and both technical and artistic documentation.

Once we receive said short film, the organisation will confirm its submission via email.

Moreover, the platform WeTransfer will send you an email once we download your documentation.

Festival Dates

Enrolment dates:
- The deadline for submitting your short film begins May 15th 2020 and ends
on August 17th 2020.

Opening Gala date:
- The Festival will host its Opening Gala on September 26th 2020 via streaming on

Activities dates:
- From September 26th 2020 to October 3rd 2020 via streaming on YouTube.

Screenings dates:
- Two official screenings of the Official Selection short films will be held from
September 26th 2020 to October 3
rd 2020 via streaming on YouTube.
Closing Ceremony date:

- The Closing Ceremony will be held on October 3rd 2020 via streaming on YouTube.
Comittee and jury

- The submitted short films will be preselected by the Festival Committee who will
decide if they comply with the preselection conditions and, therefore, are able to

- The organisation reserves the right to reject any short film that presents poor
picture and sound quality.

- The same committee will carry out a selection of whatever number of short films
it deems appropriate.

- As regards the competition, an official examining jury formed by video,
television, music, arts and communication professionals will be chosen to grant
the prizes.

- The votes of the jury will be secret and unappealable.

- The members of the jury may declare any prize null and void if the quality of the
projects presented does not reach the minimum required level.

- The organization is empowered to resolve any unforeseen contingency in the
General Conditions in a way that it considers opportunely.

Awards and ceremony

- The V International Short Film Festival Internacional on Senior Citizens will take
place from September 26th 2020 to October 3rd 2020 allowing public and free
screenings of the selected short films via streaming on YouTube.

- The Closing Ceremony will take place via streaming on YouTube on October 3rd

- The author/s of the winning short films or a representative of their choice must be
present at the streaming Closing Ceremony on YouTube. Otherwise, the economic
prize will be allocated to a charity.
Garantees and responsabilities

- The organisation will be able to use a brief fragment of the submitted short films as spots
or promotional videos of the Festival. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the used ones are awarded, for this decision lies solely with the jury.

- The participating short films will become property of the organisation, who shall screen
said works via streaming on YouTube, and reserve the right to publish and reproduce said
works, always with the compulsory mention of its author/s.

- The selected short films will be publicly and freely screened via streaming on YouTube on
the Closing Ceremony.

- The Festival management reserves the right to obtain copies of the submitted short films
destined to non-profit promotion, advertising and screening.

- In the event that insufficient animation short films are submitted, the Festival reserves the
right to eliminate this category and these works will automatically be participating in the
remaining categories.

- The Festival presumes that the author/s of the submitted short films hold the exhibition and
promotion rights of said works, and declines any liability with regard to the infraction of
this rule.

- The participant/s will be responsible for ensuring the submitted works lack any rights of
third parties, as well as for copyright claims.

- The awarded short films will become property of FAMASA and can be used or projected
in following editions and media, always non-profit.




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