Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras (5)

Ipiales Cinema Without Borders


05 12월 2019
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02 2월 2020
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02 5월 2020

02 6월 2020
06 6월 2020


Ipiales-Nariño-Colombia,  524060, Ipiales, Nariño, Colombia

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 1월 2019
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Photo of Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras
Photo of Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras
Photo of Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras
Photo of Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras


영화제 시작: 02 6월 2020      영화제 끝: 06 6월 2020

Ipiales Cine Sin Fronteras as an audiovisual scenario promotes the development of projects or independent production and supports the production of audiovisual arts, as well as highlighting their role in the formation of audiences.

Winners will be recognized in the following categories:

Best Short Film in the International Documentary genre
Best Short Film in the National Documentary genre
Best Short Film in the Regional Documentary genre (includes the local)
Best Short Film in the International Fiction genre
Best Short Film in the National Fiction genre
Best Short Film in the Regional Fiction genre (includes the local)
Best International Animation Short Film
Best National Animation Short Film
Best Regional Animation Short Film (includes local)

* The jury will be free to grant mentions to other shorts if it deems it necessary.

1.- DATE AND PLACE OF THE CONTEST: From Juny 2nd to Juny 6th, 2020, in the city of Ipiales, Colombia.

2.- CATEGORIES OF THE CONTEST: Films from Spanish-speaking countries can participate and will be distributed according to the different criteria in the Official Selection, these are: Local Short Film, National Short Film and International Short Film.


Short films: From December, 5th, 2019 to February, 2nd, 2020.

4.- PARTICIPATING WORKS: Fiction, animation and documentary short films produced in 2019 will be able to participate to date.

5.- duration:

Short film: Works of up to 25 minutes maximum (including credits) will be accepted.

6.- language: The works that are spoken in native languages ​​or other languages ​​other than Spanish, must have sub-titles in Spanish.

7.- REGISTRATION: Applicants must enter FESTHOME (https://festhome.com/f/2126) and complete the corresponding registration.

8.- SUBMISSION OF THE WORKS: The applicants must upload the digital file of the film in high definition (DCP, .MOV, .MP4, H.264 compression) to virtual platform (vimeo) and send via email the download link, or send by traditional mail two (2) copies in DVD or Bluray. They must also send high resolution photographs, posters and promotional material, graphic and audiovisual, and also attach the document where the festival has the right to exhibit their material.

9.- SENDING FORM: The digital files should be sent via email to ipialescinesinfronteras@gmail.com, along with the registration form (point 7). DVDs and Bluray must be sent via traditional mail, with its box and cover with all the information duly labeled including the document for exhibition rights, in the name of EDISON ROMERO address: Casa Número 3 Urbanización Gualcalá - Ipiales, Colombia. Indicating in the envelope "cultural material without commercial value". The festival is not responsible for any inconvenience that may arise with the material that was not sent to the festival offices.

10.- JURY: It will be composed of representatives of the audiovisual media, the arts and culture, national.

11.- RECOGNITION: Recognition (certification of Official Selection) will be made to the selected works of each category.

12.- CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: By the fact of making the registration, those responsible for the films classified in the Official Selection, accept that their films are exhibited in the different activities framed in the development of the IPIALES CINE SIN FRONTERAS 2019 FESTIVAL. use extracts of images from the films for promotional purposes of the Festival through the media. The material sent will not be returned and will become part of the ICSF file, for use in non-profit cultural activities. The festival is not responsible for possible infringements related to copyright, which are the responsibility of the person registering the work. The shipping costs for the registration of the works will be the responsibility of the participants.

13.- Each contestant may submit up to 2 (two) works.



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