Tournez court (2)


19 mar 2020
Inizio delle iscrizioni

31 lug 2020
Scadenza finale


01 ott 2020
Data della notifica

08 ott 2020
08 ott 2020


-,  -, Mont-Saint-Aignan, -, France

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Festival del cortometraggio >3' 10'<

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Photo of Tournez court
Photo of Tournez court
Photo of Tournez court
Photo of Tournez court


Inizio del Festival: 08 ottobre 2020      Festival si chiude: 08 ottobre 2020

« Tournez-court » is a festival organized by the association « Pulp Vision », and which next edition is set for october. Thanks for our interest for short movies, we are determined to create a space of sharing and discovery in which artists and publics would meet, in order to promote other cinematographic forms and new talents.


We have decided to divide our programme in two categories:

-A category dedicated to young talents, between the age of 18 and 30.

-A category dedicated to local video makers.

If you are interested in our project, you can submit your movies at the following address:
We are principally looking for films between 3 and 10 minutes, but we will look at each one of the masterpiece you will send us!

To realize our double programme, we are looking for all kind of short movies, as long as they correspond to the following criterias:

- You are young creators, professionals or independents, and you are willing to share your first works.

- You are a creator living or interested in our region, and you are willing to experiment a short movie festival.



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