One Country One Film - Apchat-Issoire International Festival (11)


05 Aug 2019
Call for entries

29 Feb 2020
Final deadline


28 Jun 2020
Notification date

06 Jul 2020
12 Jul 2020


centre bourg,  63420, Apchat, Auvergne, France

Festival description
Short film festival >1' 54'<
Feature film festival >55'

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Has submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  >1' 54'<
 Feature Films  >55'
 Any language
 Any language
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Photo of One Country One Film - Apchat-Issoire International Festival
Photo of One Country One Film - Apchat-Issoire International Festival
Photo of One Country One Film - Apchat-Issoire International Festival
Photo of One Country One Film - Apchat-Issoire International Festival


Festival start: 06 July 2020      Festival end: 12 July 2020

Unique Location :

ONE Country ONE Film is a unique festival festival taking place in three different venues located in the same beautifull countryside area in the heart of France.

Unique Concept :

Every film selected is the sole representative of its country in each of the following categories : Feature Films, Short Films, Children Films. Every year a Country is honored and several films are selected from that country. Since its creation in 2010, ONE Country ONE Film has selected 111 countries.

Send your film (short or feature, animation, fiction, experimental or documentary) and be the only one to represent your country at ONE Country ONE Film 2020 - 11th edition!!

The Awards and Cash Prizes are :

Best Fiction Feature (55 minutes or more) : 1000 €
Best Fiction Short (54 minutes or less) : 400 €
Best Documentary : 400 €
Best Animation : 400 €

The Honor Awards are :

The Feature Films Public Award
The Short Films Public Award
The Young Public Award
The Young Jury Award

1 – ONE Country ONE Film International Film Festival is organized by “Un Monde Meilleur” association. Therefore every rights given to the festival according to the regulation below is also given to the association. The eleventh edition of the festival will take place in Issoire and Apchat, France from July 6th to July 12th 2020.

2 – The main goal of the festival is cultural exchange between countries. Diversity regarding the origin of films is the number one criteria for selection. No more than one film in each of the following categories: Feature Films, Short Films, Children Films, is selected per country represented so every film will have the honor to officially represent its country. However each year a country is honored and several films originating from that country will be screened. The honored country is announced together with the selection.

3 – The awards and cash prizes are : Best Fiction Feature (55 minutes or more) (1000 €), Best Fiction Short (400 €) , Best Documentary (400 €), Best Animation (400 €). The honor awards are : the Feature Films Public Award, the Short Films Public Award, the Young Public Award and the Young Jury Awards. The festival is open to any category: documentary, fiction, animation, experimental (except music videos, commercials and corporate films), any duration, any genre (except pornography), and any shooting format. The films must have been completed within two years preceding the festival. The list of films selected will be announced on the festival website ( and on the Facebook group and page ( in July 2020 latest.

4 – Entries fees to the festival are 15 € per short film (less than 55 minutes) and 25 € per feature length film (55 minutes or more). Films can be entered on the following platforms: festhome ( Search for « ONE Country ONE Film ». The regulations are available on the website ( The deadline for entries is February 29th 2020.

5 – Authors and/or right owners for the films selected confirm that they have acquired the music rights for their film and freely give away their rights regarding the screening of the film (image and music) for the duration of the festival and for other possible screenings that the festival would organize before or after the festival in France or in any foreign country. There are two types of screenings: “Best of”, and screenings within the “Better World Project”, an international charity program designed by the festival to share with the world’s different cultures using film as a medium in remote areas, for audiences who can’t easily get access to cinema and to support charity organizations and foundations throughout the world. More information about the “Better World Project” on our Facebook group:

6 - Authors and/or right owners for the films selected will provide free of charge before May 1st 2020 either a French subtitled file of their film if available or an english SRT file (subtitle file) along with a link to download a clean version of the film on synch with the SRT file. If needed the festival can help with the translation from English to French.

7 - Please note that the Festival will not pay any screening fees.

8 – Some films or portions of them might be used for educational purposes workshops during or after the festival. The authors and/or right owners for these films will be contacted regarding that usage.

9 - Authors and/or right owners for the films selected freely give away their rights regarding the usage on any media (press, TV, internet, theaters) of images or extracts from their films. These images or extracts will be used for the program or the promotion of the festival. These images or music extracts might also be used in a teaser to promote the festival.

10 – Directors of the selected films authorize the festival to use their image on the program or on the festival website.

11 - Cancellation of participation: after the festival’s notification of selection has been sent by email (usually in May), the film's rights owners have two weeks to withdraw their film(s) from the selection if they wish. After these two weeks the film(s) will be included in the selection according to the conditions indicated in the festival’s regulations. If you are a distributor, we kindly ask you to make sure the film’s rights owners know about this issue before entering their film(s).



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