Heavy Hitting HorrorFest (18)


05 Apr 2020
Call for entries

04 Jun 2020
Festival closed

30 Sep 2020
Notification date

30 Oct 2020
30 Oct 2020


-,  -, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Festival description
Short film festival 10'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  10'<
 Any language
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Photo of  Heavy Hitting HorrorFest
Photo of  Heavy Hitting HorrorFest

Photo of  Heavy Hitting HorrorFest
Photo of  Heavy Hitting HorrorFest


Festival start: 30 October 2020      Festival end: 30 October 2020

UPDATE: Please note that we have closed film submissions early (June 4, 2020). Due to the concerns with COVID-19 we are looking at how we will safely execute this year's festival. All films that have been submitted and haven't been notified of their updated judging status, will be under review and updated accordingly once we have a plan. We are currently shortlisting all films in the hopes that we can move forward with the festival on October 30, 2020. We appreciate your patience at this time and hope to be able to celebrate another night of horroricficness with all of you.

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure your movie has English subtitles if it is not in the English language. Also, please ensure your movie is an ACTUAL Horror Movie, just because there is no submission fee doesn't mean you can send your drama, thriller, comedy or documentary. Filmmakers submitting non-horror submissions will be blacklisted from Heavy Hitting HorrorFest and reported to FESTHOME. We are not fucking around here, don't waste our time.

It’s amazing what can happen with a video camera, some willing friends, and a good recipe for fake blood.

The Heavy Hitting HorrorFest was hatched in 2002 as a one-night orgy of horrorific, hilarious and very independent short films screening to a small group of filmmakers and friends in Whistler, BC.

Eighteen years later, HorrorFest has evolved into the longest running horror film festival in Western Canada, attracting film talent from around the world and nurturing a fearless local film scene. It’s matured into a legitimate launching pad for young film talent, with numerous “HorrorFesters” going on to forge careers in the entertainment industry.

With the intensity of a rock concert, this blood-splattered collection of short films showcases the spirit of cinema through DIY exit wounds, unintentionally comedic shower scenes and lots of legitimate moments of real fear. Filmmakers compete for glory, cash, and the coveted Silver Skull Trophy– a handcrafted masterpiece handed on from year to year like the Stanley Cup of Horror.

Since it’s inception, the HorrorFest has been a launching pad for young filmmakers and continues to attract industry pros with its emphasis on making movies for the pure and simple joy of it. At Heavy Hitting HorrorFest your art film might get booed and your bad taste might get cheered, but either way you’re gonna have have the night of your life.

The Silver Skull Trophy

The world’s most Bad-Ass trophy, the handcrafted Silver Skull sits on a base of rusty saw blades and jagged metal (and it may or may not have a secret compartment full of whiskey). “Best in Show” winners have their names engraved on the rings and the trophy is passed along from year to year like the Stanley Cup of horror.

Peoples Choice Championship Belt

Love Jules Leather have been longtime supporters of HorrorFest and created the "Peoples Choice" Championship Belt to award to the audience’s favourite film.

Chili Thom Memorial Award for B-GRADE MVP

Our newest award, this one is given in memory of Chili's creative spirit and celebrates a filmmaking style where ingenuity and passion can make up for a lack of budget.


Given to the actor/actress who delivers the most fearless performance of the year, this award is dedicated to the memory of one of the most legendary HorrorFest performers ever.

Filmmakers and cast also have a chance to win:
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Sound
Rookie Of The Year
Best Effect
Best Cinematography
Best Make-Up Effect
Best Death Scene
Best Nude Scene
Best B-Grade Film

1. We need to know you exist and are interested in making a movie. So make sure you are registered to be added to the official filmmaker list so you can be notified if anything changes. (Fear not: We won’t sell your email to foreign governments or lame corporations.)

2. Make sure you’ve made a Horror movie. That’s not to say we don’t want to see your tense emotional thriller, but the classic B-Grade genre style is what plays best at Heavy Hitting HorrorFest. (Zombies, monsters, Vampires, aliens with vagina mouths, etc)

PLEASE NOTE: Over the past few years we’ve received a few submissions that seem more like toture-porn scenes than actual movies. If your “movie” is just an excuse to torture or abuse people (usually women) on screen then you needn’t bother submitting to HorrorFest. Movies, have a start, middle and end and your horrorific elements, like torture and murder, need to service your film’s story. Torture and brutalizing for its own sake will not be accepted into the festival.

3. Make your movie less than 10 minutes in length.

4. Don’t steal music. Everyone knows how important music is to a horror movie (exhibit a: Jaws) but you can’t just steal the Halloween soundtrack to boost your movie’s freak-meter. Please ensure all music you use is licensed. (We’ll send you a licensing form after you’ve registered to make a movie.)

5. Submission Format. You can submit via a vimeo link (or something similar) but if your movie is selected for HorrorFest we need a digital file that adheres to the following:
Format: .MOV or .MP4
Compression: H264 Progressive (non-interlaced)
Resolution: 1080p
Bitrate: Automatic
Aspect ratio: Square Pixels
(some editing suites may not have the option to convert from your shooting aspect into square pixels.
If this is the case please label what aspect your movie is. 16:9, 4:3. Letterbox, etc)

6. Hand in your movie on time. Deadline is September 15.

This year, due to the world wide pandemic, HorrorFest wants to help filmmakers put as many funds as possible towards their film and crew members as possible. With that, Heavy Hitting HorrorFest is waiving all submission fees for HorrorFest 2020. Along with that, if your film is selected and you’re able to attend HorrorFest, you will receive 1 x complimentary ticket and a link to pre-buy some additional HorrorFest tickets for your crew and cast. For those films that were not selected, if you’d still like to attend, we will provide you with a link to pre-buy two tickets to HorrorFest on October 30, 2020.

7. Rules may be added or altered at any time because that’s the way it is.

8. Judging and Screening.

Selected films will be judged at the event by a panel of kick-ass judges. Films will be judged on Store, Production Value, Sound, Music and overall Horrorificiness (a mix of innovativeness, coolness, bloodiness and overall wow factor).

Prizes awarded may include: Best in Show, People’s Champion, The Erin Sollowey “Manimal Award” for most Fearless Performance other awards in the past have included Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Effects, Best Nude Scene, Rookie of the Year, and the Chili Thom Memorial Award For B-Grade MVP.

9. Release Forms

Registered filmmakers will be provided with music and screening release forms stating their music is cleared and we are licensed to screen their work at the festival.

10. The Most important rule: Have Fun. HorrorFest was created as an excuse to get out there, get your hands bloody, learn, grow and have fun making movies. Having a good time is what it’s all about

Questions, concerns, and registration info should be directed to Feet Banks mask[at]heavyhitting.com



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