FESTHOME is a new way of receiving submissions of films (short film and feature films) for film festivals, giving the possibility to receive the films over the Internet and be able to view the screeners via Streaming VOD in high qualityand manage registration forms, to facilitate the selection and reception of films from anywhere in the world. Forget DVD receptions, Projection Copy submission endless screenings and the management of registration records. FESTHOME offers management for all this from our application, receive the films to your inbox, view and download the short films submitted to your festival, have the ability to create various user accounts for your programmers, juries, etc. and facilitate communication regarding rejection or acceptance of deliveries. You can manage and search by genre, theme, duration, country, etc..

It is very simple: create an administrator's account with basic information from which you will be able to create your festival's account (with advanced data such as basis for participation, festival's sections/categories, submission start and end dates...). Once you have completed filling in your festival's information, you will inmediatley receive via email a confirmation of entrance into FESTHOME's system, and then you will be able to begin managing the submissions you receive for your festival.

Being in FESTHOME is completely free for festivals.

Yes, you can. FESTHOME offers you the possibility of collecting your festival's entry registration fees at festhome.com, which implies a 10% charge on said fee (practical example: if your festival's submission fee is 10%, your festival will receive 9€ per submitted film.

FESTHOME will also ask film-makers to pay Festhome's 2€ standard submission fee, which will be added to each festival's entry registration fee). We offer the possibility of collecting said entry registration fee in one of two currencies: Euro-€ and U.S. Dollar-$).

Festivals will be required to have a free of charge Paypal account https://www.paypal.com/uk/ to which Festhome will transfer their entry registration fees within the first half of each month, provided those fees are at or higher than 200 (either Euro or U.S.Dollar).

Some special transactions such as currency exchange or fee reimbursements may be charged with an additional business fee. For further details, please go to Paypal's business fees section: currency conversions and cross border

Festivales that have their own entry registration fees but do not wish to collect them via Festhome will, in their regulations as well as in some of their information sections at Festhome, be required to provide a direct link for film-makers to easily access a secure payment gateway in which they can pay the festival's entry registration fee.FESTHOME will be responsible for providing festivals with the possibility of viewing all films submitted to each one of them. Under no circumstances will FESTHOME be held accountable for any given film's not acceptance for not having paid a festival's submission fee, the payment of which outside Festhome only film-makers will be accountable for.

The only requirements that FESTHOME will ask of you is to place our logo (which you can download from the FESTHOME website) in a visible place at your festival's website, that you include FESTHOME as a possible shipping method in your regulations and also that you make a communication to your contacts to offer them the possibility of submittting their films through our website.

The only technical requirement is an Internet connection and a browser with quicktime to play MP4 H.264 videos. The video files that festivals will be able to view will be of the best possible quality according to the video source, since Festhome will not downgrade them by doing an extra conversion to Flash or any other format of dubious quality for festivals to watch, so that screening files that festivals will be able to watch at Festhome will be exactly the mp4 files film-makers will upload to our system. The Quicktime codec is available for free download from Apple at: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

First, you'll need to access your account. Once inside, you will encounter an inbox with appearance and functionality similar to that of any e-mail server (see point 19). There, you will find all the films that have been sent to your festival. With a simple click on the film's title, it will take you to the display tab that includes all the film's data. Press play and the film will be played on your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc).

Aside from viewing the screener, you will also have the option to download the film screeners sent to your festival. FESTHOME supports MP4 format files in any of its variants, although we recommend a video compression with the H.264 codec, which can be done manually by the film-makers themselves (the fastest option, but it requires some work from the film-makers) and it can also be done automatically from Festhome (a service we offer film-makers which is free of charge for short films and costs 3€ - 3 Euro- or $4 - 4 US Dollar- for feature films); this is an easier albeit slower option. Video resolution is 720 wide (720p). You may also download a digital projection copy (for short films only) if you decide to use that option and it is sent by the filmmaker, although only from the administrator account of the festival (see point 28).

FESTHOME offers the Film-makers forms to enter quickly, fully and effectively all their data and and that of their film. This data will be presented to the festival in a series of tabs in its film reception inbox. Film-makers may also add their own content such as images (JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF) and text (TXT, PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX).

You can export all data from the film(s) that interest you (if they have been sent to your festival). You can define the set of data of most interest to the festival and an .xlsx file (Excel).

With FESTHOME you can change the selection status of the films. You can change from one state to another (ie. Selected, rejected, being studied, etc.). When filling your Festival’s information, you will find a field called ‘Communication Date’. This field will allow you to pick a date you want for Festhome to automatically send a communication to Film-makers of ‘Not Selected’ to films with the status ‘Rejected’, ‘Being studied’, 'Pre-Selected', 'Viewed' and ‘Submitted’, and a ‘Selected’ notification to the films with the status ‘Selected’. When changing the status of each film, the status shall automatically be notified to the Film-maker, allowing Film-makers to be aware of the selection process, thus improving considerably the communication between Film-maker and the festival. If for any reason the ‘Communication Date’ is wrong, you can always change it as many times as needed.

Yes, as the contact details of the Film-maker will be available for you, and you may contact them anytime.

When submitting, all the Film-makers will have to accept electronical bases for the festival, before final payment and submission are done.

FESTHOME gives Film-makers the opportunity to attach the regulations in a signed text file (pdf, txt). Festivals may find this document among those uploaded by the film-makers themselves to each festival, and can print or download them.

FESTHOME is compatible with any other system of reception of films, both by post and by submission via Internet.

You'll always have access to change data of the festival and awards, event dates, extending the dates of submission of films and so on.

Once the festival account is created, this account shall be the administrator. From this account you can create other accounts for programmers, jury, and so on. Those accounts will have fewer priviledges than the administrator account. The Programmer account can be used to work on the selection process and has access to all of the films sent and their information. The Jury account allows the festival to offer it’s jury the viewing of the films and it will only be able to view those films with the status set to ‘Accepted’. To create these accounts, it will be necessary to use the email of the person who will be using the account, in order to send them the notification of registration.

Yes, all users can write their views and comments of the films submitted to the festival, in an area for that purpose below the video display. You can also rate their opinion, the film and see the scores and comments from other users.

At the inbox, the first thing you will see at the top is a search utility to find films by original title and the option to use an advanced search utility, being able to find titles by country, duration, theme, etc. Another administration tool you will find is the Sections/Categories filter, which will allow you to choose any of your festival’s sections/categories and the inbox will show only the films within that section/category. However, byy default the inbox will show all films sent to the festival. The second filter is the ‘Status’ filter. All films that arrive to your festival inbox have the status ‘Registered’, which will indicate a film that was not reviewed. Films can have their status changed, and then filter by those statuses. The Film-maker will be able to see what status their film has at that any moment.

Yes, when you create your festival, you will have the option to choose the number of submissions you want to receive. This number can be changed anytime to the needs of the festival during the submission dates.

When creating the festiival, you can create as many sections/categories as your festival has, specifying in each of them the requirements and other detailed information about each section/category. Each section/category will be shown in the information that Festhome shows to the Film-makers and they will be able to choose which sections/categories to send their films to when making a submission. You may also change films sent to one section/category to a different one from your inbox (see point 22).

In your inbox, you will have the option to filter by section/category all the films sent to your festival. You can filter by as many sections/categories as you have created for your festival. By default, the inbox will show all the films sent to your festival, so you will have to select a section/category filter to work in a specific section/category. Once it is selected, the inbox will only show the films sent to that section/category. If the Film-maker send his film to the wrong section/category, you may change the section/category to the correct one from your inbox.

On the menu ‘My Festival, clicking on ‘Edit’, you will be able to change all your account’s information.

Each time that a festival begins their submission period, FESTHOME will announce it to it’s users with an email, through main social network services and the monthly email recap and at the homepage of Festhome, where an available festivals list is located. When only a few days remain until the submissions end, a warning will appear at the available festivals list.

You will have to send us an email to support@festhome.com with the Subject: Delete Account, from the email you created the account with with the reasons for deletion.

You can send us an email to support@festhome.com with the film’s ID, the name of the short film and the reasons why you believe the film is inappropiate. The film will then be reviewed by the FESTHOME team.

When the festival deadline arrives, the information on the inbox will disappear and will not be able to be viewed. The information on the festival will remain, waiting to be modified for the next edition of the festival. Once this information is modified, the festival will appear again on the available festival’s list. To review old edition’s information, please contact us at support@festhome.com.

The deadline ends at midnight (00:00) Central European Time, CET (UTC+1), Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2), on the first day after the deadline date. At this time, the festival will disappear from the festival list.

In order to create a new edition for any one festival, administrators will click on "My Festival" (menu on the left) > Edit > Tab: Fee & More. One of the last bottom fields in that tab is "Restart Date", in which it will be compulsory to enter a date when all data (video files and submission data) will be erased from the festival’s Inbox, which will then be blank and ready for the following edition’s films and submissions. Festhome will send the festival a reminder via email 7 days before the Restart Date so that it can retrieve any information or file from the festival’s previous edition. Once the data is erased from the festival’s Inbox, only the festival will be accountable for editing and preparing its new edition.