Cortiamo - Concorso internazionale per cortometraggi (14)

Cortiamo - International Shortfilm Festival


07 Jul 2019
Call for entries

23 Sep 2019
Festival closed

11 Nov 2019
Notification date

16 Nov 2019
17 Nov 2019


Via P.Lombardo 36,  91011, Alcamo, Trapani, Italy

Festival description
Short film festival 15'<

Festival requirements
 Film festival
 Music Video
 Any Genre
 Any Theme
 Does NOT have submission fees
 International Festival
 Physical Location
 Production date: Any
 Production countries: Any
 Shooting countries: Any
 Director nationalities: Any
 Debut Films 
 School projects 
 Short Films  15'<
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Photo of Cortiamo - Concorso internazionale per cortometraggi
Photo of Cortiamo - Concorso internazionale per cortometraggi
Photo of Cortiamo - Concorso internazionale per cortometraggi
Photo of Cortiamo - Concorso internazionale per cortometraggi


Festival start: 16 November 2019      Festival end: 17 November 2019

The "Segni nuovi" Film Culture Club, in collaboration with the "Alcamo Doc" Film Culture Club, in order to promote and spread the culture of short films in the territory, seen as a tool to analyze and understand the "grammar" and the " syntax "of the cinematographic art, organizes the fourteenth edition of" Cortiamo ", international short film competition.

The "Cortiamo 2019" festival is divided into the following special sections:
- Animation
- Courts and Rights - "ernestodilorenzo" Publishing House Award
- Cortissimi (maximum duration 3 minutes)
- Documentaries - "Alcamo Doc" Award
- Under 25 - ACEC Award
- Gender equality
- Schools - "Aldo Filippi" Award
- Videoclip

The "Courts and Rights" section is sponsored by the "ernestodilorenzo" Publishing House and is reserved for short films that talk about the issue of human rights in its various aspects: immigration, cultural and religious integration, sexual tourism, violated childhood, health emergencies, freedom of expression.

The "Under25" section is dedicated to young filmmakers who, at the time of making the short film, are under 26 years old. The section is sponsored by the ACEC (Associazione Cattolica Esercenti Cinema) through the realization of the trophy and the travel expenses refunded to the winner of the section. The winner of the section will be contacted in time and will be a guest of the organization.

The "Gender Equality" section aims to award a short film that talk about issues related to gender discrimination, violence against women, femicide, stalking, etc.

It should be clarified that the participants in the "Videoclip" section must expressly declare that they are authorized to participate in the competition by the copyright holders of the song.

Each short film will be able to participate in more than one section and all the short films submitted will automatically participate in the selection for the "best film" and "New signs" prize.
Only those selected for the "best film" will also compete for the "public prize".

First prize: An artistic trophy reproducing the logo of the event and 250,00 Euro.

ACEC Award (Section Under 25): Plexiglass plate with the logo of the event and Travel and accommodation costs for the collection of the prize.

"Ernesto Di Lorenzo - Editore" Award ("Courts and Rights" Section): Plexiglass plate with the logo of the event and Travel and accommodation costs for the collection of the prize.

Prizes of the other sections: plexiglass plates with the logo of the event.

The prize for the best film will be awarded by the technical jury, who will choose the winner from a shortlist of selected short films.
The "Segni Nuovi" Award and the winners of the special sections will be awarded by the Festival selection committee. The public prize will be awarded by the audience present during the first final evening. In addition, the jury can assign mentions for particular merits.
The selection and judgment criteria are unquestionable.
The festival organization reserves the right to establish other prizes that will be subsequently communicated on the facebook page and via email to the participants already registered.

The organizing committee will appoint a technical jury made up of film industry experts, journalists, etc. The composition of the jury will be communicated later.

The festival is open to short films made by directors or filmmakers, and produced in beta, film, digital or animations.
All projects that meet the following requirements can participate:
• maximum duration: 15 minutes (duration means the interval of time that elapses from the first to the last image and / or sound, including the opening and closing credits);
• for the "cortissimi" section the maximum duration is 3 minutes;
• works in foreign original language will be admitted only if subtitled or dubbed in italian language;
Works previously sent and registered or participating in other festivals and reviews, not covered by reproduction exclusive, are also admitted.
The "Segni nuovi" staff will act as a selection committee, reserving the exceptions to the rules set out above for particularly interesting works.
The authors of the works selected for the festival will be notified by the event management.

Each participant can register up to three works at the Festival. Participation is free.
Participation implies acceptance of every point of this regulation.



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